Fortnite Chapter 4 - All Coordinate Codes

Want something to do while Fortnite is down? Enter these coordinates to get sneak peeks into what's coming with Chapter 4.

Fortnite map
Time to see what's new! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 ended with a bang, or a wimp depending on who you ask, regardless, it's given us plenty of stuff to get excited about when it comes to all things coming with Chapter 4.

The most obvious ones are all the skins that are coming to the battle royale, including crossovers that will see the debut of Doom Slayer, Geralt of Rivia, MrBeast, and The Hulk!

Skins are not the only things coming to Fortnite, as plenty of new POIs, weapons, and other tools to help you achieve a Victory Royale will also help spice up the experience.

While Fortnite is down for maintenance, Epic Games has made sure players are entertained by handing out unique codes that will let them preview some of the stuff coming to the game in the coming days and weeks!

These "coordinates" can be input into a unique website for players to unlock content they'll be able to use once Chapter 4 kicks off.

All Fortnite Coordinates

To use these codes go to the Fortnite Chapter 4 website. Here are all the neighborhood have found:

  • New shotgun: G6K-2J-HAW
  • New SMG: VE4-C4-PSD
  • Geralt skin: 8H2-9D-8J4
  • New pickaxe: 2TH-EK-33P
  • New Bike: KNE-LB-4ME
  • New Chapter Four skin: 6HU-TQ-4BY
  • New Geno skin: 4J5-DB-S9J
  • Doom Slayer skin: G9D-39-323
  • New Chapter Four weapon: RS9-L8-835
  • New Chapter Four AR: U83-8M-T5M
  • Peely Constellation: A9D-M5-BGL
  • Chapter Four Battle Bus: SEL-5U-V8N
  • Pastel Chapter Four skin: JHP-N4-4E4
  • Slap Juice: 7CD-7J-8AL
  • Webbed pistol: REL-14-Y85
  • Chest and stone fragment: TSV-M6-L46
  • Sword gun weapon: 29M-K1-51K
  • New sword pickaxe: B7T-3F-J48
  • New white chest: C7A-U9-4UF
  • New Chapter Four skin: 43B-CY-N62

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