Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: Start Date, Hardcore Royale Mode & New Skins

A new Apex event has been announced: the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. As with every event in Apex Legends, this means a new mode and a bunch of both free and premium new cosmetics. Here's everything you need to know about the event.

Celestial sunrise collection event
Apex Legends: Here are some of the skins available to buy during the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. | © EA

We're still only about halfway through Apex Legends Season 15, but that doesn't mean we need to wait for the end of the season for more content. Respawn give us regular midseason events to keep things fresh. Each event features a limited-time-mode, new cosmetics and free rewards, and the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event is no different. The skins in particular look awesome (way better than anything in the Apex item store this week).

In this article you can find everything you need to know about Apex Legend's new Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. We've included the start date and times, all the new skins we've seen so far, and an overview of the limited-time-mode.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event: Start Date & Time

The Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event will begin on Tuesday, January 24 at exactly 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET). This event will be live for exactly two weeks, which should be just enough time to get all of the free rewards and grind the LTM. So, just to be clear, The Celestial Sunrise Event will end on Tuesday, February 7 at 1 PM ET (10 AM PT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET).

Before rushing to get new skins, though, have you considered the Season 15 Battle Pass?

Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: New Cosmetics

There are new cosmetics coming in the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, some of which you have to pay for, while others you can earn for free.

Free Rewards In The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event

By playing Apex and completing event-specific challenges, which refresh daily, you can earn "Event Points" (up to 1600 per day). As you earn Event Points you unlock free rewards. You can earn a maximum of 5000 Event Points, at which point you've unlocked all available rewards.

Here are the rewards available to you as you earn Celestial Sunrise Collection Event Points:

Celestial sunrise collection event free reards
If you didn't already guess, the theme of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event is Chinese New Year. | © EA

New Premium Cosmetics In The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event

This is Apex, so (obviously) they've stacked the event with some expensive new premium cosmetics as well. There's no special trick or guide, just go to the store and buy what you want.

Although, they won't put all of the items in the store for the whole two weeks, instead, they will put a different set of seven items in the store ever few days. Here are the items and days when they will appear:

Week 1 (January 24-31)

These bundles never come cheap, but there are some premium items available.

Celestial sunrise collection event premium items 1
Pirate Loba is kind of cool. | © EA

Skydive emotes are particularly valuable as they're so rare (and so fun to use).

Week 2 (January 31 - February 7)

In the second week there's a Gibraltar bundle that will surely be popular:

Celestial sunrise collection event premium items 2
The Bloodhound bundle is very stylish. | © EA

Personally, we hate the Ash and Caustic skins.

Celestial Sunrise Collection Event: Hardcore Royale Mode

Hardcore Royale will be available to play during the event, which is a twist on the classic Battle Royale mode. This mode is very similar to the standard BR mode, although you can only ever have a gray EVO shield and the gas does more damage, so it's effectively Apex with a much lower TTK. It sounds kind of trash; a higher-TTK is one of the big draws of Apex compared to other shooters (just look at how many fans are p*ssed at Warzone right now for making the average TTK even shorter), but we won't complain too much about a limited-time mode.

Here are all of the exact differences between Hardcore Royale and regular Battle Royale:

  • Limited HUD
  • White Armor Only
  • No Helmets
  • Armor doesn’t spawn in Deathboxes (No Armor Swapping)
  • Ring starts at max Damage

It sounds underwhelming, but we're sure some players will enjoy it.

And there you have it, everything you can expect when the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event begins on January 24. Have fun!

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