Bleed Won VCT 2023 Ascension

Bleed eSports is set to become the newest addition to the 2024-25 Pacific League. Further details about their triumphant journey.

Bleed Win Ap1
sScary delivers an outstanding performance | © Riot Games

The journey towards the Pacific league has come to an end, and we have our deserving victor. Bleed proved their dominance by convincingly defeating SCARZ with a 3-0 sweep in the grand finals.

Bleed's Path to Victory

Bleed showcased their excellence even during the group stage, winning three series and only dropping one to Dplus (who finished 4th and got eliminated). Their first-place finish granted them an advantageous starting position in the playoffs, allowing them to enter directly into the semi-finals.

Their first Bo3 playoff match against Boom was a tense encounter, with both teams having an equal chance of winning. However, Bleed secured their spot in the grand finals with a decisive 13-10 victory on Haven.

Dominating SCARZ

After a somewhat challenging match against Boom, Bleed prepared to face SCARZ in the grand finals.

The maps played in the grand finals were as follows:

  1. Haven - Bleed 13:9 Scarz
  2. Bind - Bleed 13:2 Scarz
  3. Fracture - Bleed 13:8 Scarz

The standout player in this series was "sScary," formerly from X10 and XERXIA. He achieved an impressive 252 ACS and a total of 55 frags in the series, earning himself the MVP title for the Ascension 2023 Grand Finals. The Twitter video linked below captures one of the most exhilarating moments of the tournament.

What's Next for Bleed

With this victory, Bleed becomes the second Singaporean team, alongside Paper Rex, to compete in the VCT Pacific for the next two years. This marks their official inclusion in Valorant's franchising as a partner team.

In addition to these remarkable achievements, they also secure a prize of $20,000.

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