Baldur's Gate 3 Companions: All Party Members And How To Get Them

Baldur's Gate is finally arriving! In this article, we'll give you an overview about Baldur's Gate 3 companions and how to get them.

Baldurs Gate 3
The Baldur's Gate 3 companions aren't complete in this picture. | © Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate 3 companions are as different as the choices you can make. With a vast world to explore, endless enemies to fight and a quite important quest, you surely don't want to do this alone. It would be very deadly for you to do so. But who are your possible companions, and where do you find them? Don't worry, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Companions: Overview

In Baldur's Gate 3 there are seven Origin characters of which six could possibly travel with you, but the number of party members is limited to four in total, so only three of them can actually accompany you. Which three you'll choose depends on your play style as there's a fighter, a cleric, a rouge, a wizard and a warlock to join your journey. And probably your personal sympathy towards the characters will also affect your choice.

In addition to the six Origin characters, there will be four companion characters to find along the way of your journey. And then there's Dark Urge, which is the seventh Origin character but seems not to be a possible companion. The level of your companions scales with your own, so you don't need to worry about that. While the classes and primary abilities are set before they join your party, you'll be able to customize their builds, equipment and loadouts.

Warning: We'll keep spoilers to a minimum, but be aware, that there will be minor spoilers for the plot below. But we won't tell you anything about their backstories and development throughout the story.

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Baldurs Gate 3 Laezel

Lae'zel is the first one you'll meet. She's a character encounter right after you left the first chamber of the Nautiloid. As a melee-focused Fighter, she starts with a longsword and half-plate armor, which makes her quite tanky. Her approval is only won with combative actions or standing your ground, unwilling to compromise which she'll find as a sign of weakness, as well as showing sympathy. She's straight forward, brutal and strong-willed, which makes her uncooperative at times.

After the crash of the Nautiloid, you'll find her again, captured by some Tieflings. How you'll solve this situation is completely up to you, but don't expect any sign of thankfulness from Lae'zel.


Baldurs Gate 3 Shadowheart
She won't tell you what's up with her magic dice. | © Larian Studios
SpeciesHigh Half-Elf
ClassCleric (Trickery Domain)

Shadowheart probably is the second companion you'll meet. First you'll encounter her in the Nautiloid, trapped inside a pod, asking you for help. If you should decide to free her, you need to visit the room straight up to the west. Loot it, and you'll find a key to the chest in Shadowhearts chamber, and inside that chest you'll find the rune you need to activate the pod to free her. If you do so, after the crash, you'll find her unconscious nearby on the beach.

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If you don't rescue her, you'll find her by the entrance to the Dank Crypt, on the most eastern point of the beach and if she shouldn't join you there for some reason, you will meet her again at the Druid's Grove settlement. But you should let her join your quest (at least at the start) as she's a cleric which is a powerful class by itself, but as Shadowheart is a cleric of the night god Shar, she has additional illusion and manipulation powers.

She's quite the opposite to Lae'zel (and oh boy, they both don't like each other) which doesn't mean she's soft. She just prefers deception and trickery over unnecessary force. Also, you'll be glad to have her healing spells, because while she can deal combat damage, she's best at ranged support.


Baldurs Gate 3 Astarion
He's pretty much exactly what you expect from a noble High Elf... or is he? | © Larian Studios
Species High Elf
Class Rouge

Astarion can be found easily after the crash, as the third party member west of the Nautiloid. While he's calling for help, he's not as helpless as he might seem. While being a nobleman, he's a rouge, which comes as expected with a high dex score and a pretty charming character. He's a big fan of blunt pragmatism and as enthusiastic about deception and trickery as Shadowheart is, but also is fine with ripping enemies appart.

Minor Spoiler Alert: If you've watched the trailers and took a closer look at the pictures with him, you'll probably already suspect him of being a vampire and well – it's true. He obviously won't tell you that right away, but he gains additional abilities as soon as his nature is revealed and accepted.

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Baldurs Gate 3 Gale
The one with the staff, not the one with the lute. | © Larian Studios

You won't find Gale, Gale will find you – at least in early access. If you head north of the crashed Nautiloid, probably already with your crew, he'll step out of the waypoint at the Roadside Cliff. With launch, you'll only see his hand reaching out from the waypoint and can decide if you'd like to help him, or, if you're playing Dark Urge, rip his hand off. In the latter case, he obviously won't join your party at this point.

As a wizard, he's the glass cannon of your party, with a variety of spells to begin and even more he can learn along your journey. You should keep him out of the heat of the fight, positioning him at the back, from where he then can cast fireball into a small room damaging his party members as a good wizard does (of course it's up to you if he should do so).

While Gale also likes to avoid bloodshed, just like Shadowheart, he's a cheerful companion with a sense of humor and will appreciate that in others as well.

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ClassWarlock (Fiend Patron)
Background Noble

Wyll can be found as you approach the main entrance of the Druid's Grove, north of the Roadside Cliffs. He's a known champion, called the Blade of Frontiers, and as that he will appreciate heroic behavior. Destroy evil, save children and animals, and stay on the morally higher ground. He'll leave if you should side with the goblins at any point, and won't like it if you choose to work with villains.

As a hell-powered warlock, he's pretty flexible and an all-rounder thanks to his variable spell list. While you could use him as nearly anything, he does pretty good as a control caster. He's not an available companion during early access.


Baldurs Gate 3 Karlach
Although we don't know much about her, she looks bad ass. | © Larian Studios

There isn't much known about Karlach and her stats as of now, if you haven't been in the early access from the start. While she won't accompany you during early access, you can find her at The Risen Road near the old toll-house, sitting wounded at a river bank. With her comes a quest which decides if she will join you or not. She was a slave forced to fight in the Blood War but escaped through the Nautiloid and isn't eager to go back.

Other Companions

As already stated, there will be four more possible companions, you can recruit during the story. Talking too much about them would definitely spoil bigger parts of the story (and there isn't much information about most of them), so we'll keep it short.

Baldurs Gate 3 Minthara
Minthara is as stubborn as she looks on this picture. | © Larian Studios
  • Halsin is a Wood Elf Druid of the Druid Grove and can be found at the Worf Pens as a prisoner of the Goblins. He's the rightful leader of the Druid Grove and yep, he's the bear you've seen in that video. During early access, he can join your camp, but won't accompany you exploring.
  • Jaheira is a Half Elf that can be found at the Last Light Inn
  • Minsc is a Human Ranger that can surely be found somewhere, but it isn't known where right now
  • Minthara is a Drow Paladin and you can find her at the Shattered Sanctum as an ally to the Goblins. She and Halsin aren't reconcilable, and you'll have to choose between the two.

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It's a pretty big selection of companions to chose from, and it will be probably a hard choice after each long rest. Speaking of; you should make long rests as often as you can, even in the beginning and if you don't necessarily need them to restock on hit points or spell slots – they're the best opportunity to get to know your companions and bond with them. You'll want to see as many of the 174 hours of cutscenes as possible, after all, right?

Some of these cutscenes surely will be as iconic as these:

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