Fortnite x 100 Thieves' "Bank Heist": Map Code, Gameplay & Details

100 Thieves have released their own Fortnite creative map called "Bank Heist". We have the map code and everything you need to know about it for you.

Fortnite 100 thieves bank heist
The Esport org 100 Thives will release their own Fortnite map! | © 100 Thieves

The well-known Esports organization 100 Thieves has been working on their own Fortnite creative map called "Bank Heist" for months and now it's finally here! We have the map code and all the details for you.

Fortnite Bank Heist: Release Date Revealed

Fortnite Bank Heist was released on July 11 at 11 AM PDT, just 3 months after development began. Project Officer Pete Hawly describes the project in a video as follows:

We started in late May, so superfast, you know not perfect, not 100%, but the idea is good enough, we played it and were gonna release it. We had one idea, we broke into three pieces, attack the bank, steal the money and escape in a helicopter

Later in the video, CEO Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag describes his feelings about the upcoming game and his relationship with Fortnite:

This first venture into the world of UEFN and the Fortnite universe was really exciting for me. And it actually brought me back to Fortnite, which was a game I fell in love with pretty quickly when it was first released in the battle royal. I really do put Fortnite up pound for pound with Halo 2 and CoD 4 or Gears of War One. And the fact that were actually going to leave our mark on it permanently got me really, really excited

Bank Heist Gameplay

Basically, Bank Heist is a team-based 3v3 game. You can queue up with a group of 6 people if you want to compete against your friends. Your teammates are randomly selected when you enter the game mode. One team of three are the defenders and the other team are the attackers.

There are five different classes that you can choose from:

  • Muscle
  • Tank
  • Grenadier
  • Sniper
  • Wildcard

Each class has special weapons. Muscle has a Combat Rifle, the Tank a Shotgun, the Grenadier Grenades and the Sniper a Sniper Rifle. As Wildcard, your equipment will randomly change every time you select it.

Each game is divided into three phases: Bank Heist, Escort the Payload and Extraction.

As the attacker, you'll have to infiltrate the bank, drill into the underground vault, steal the money and escort it to a specific end point and escape by helicopter. The defenders, of course, do everything they can to stop the attackers during each stage. Sounds pretty fun actually, doesn't it?

Bank Heist Map Code

The map code for Bank Heist is 3339-4063-3278. Just enter the code in the Fortnite mode dial under the "Island Code" tab and you can try out the heist game for yourself!

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